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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Printable games for bachelorette party & bridal shower

Start printing as soon as you order!

Lasting Impressions: Bachelorette Style

This naughty game will start the Bachelorette shower off with hysterics. Break the ladies up into teams and have them read different scenarios about where the Bride-to-be and Groom-to-be made "whoopie" and then read what the Bride-to-be's comments might be to that scenario using famous slogans! There are over 50 different scenarios and slogans so the laughter will keep going and going and going… Start printing as soon as you order!

Bridal Shower Charades

Everyone loves charades! Keep your guests laughing as they act out and try to guess these songs, movies, TV shows, and books that all have one thing in common… the word LOVE, WEDDING, and BRIDE. Start printing as soon as you order!

Bridal Shower Word Twist

Type in Bride and Groom's name .... or any phrase you would like guests to use when trying to make new words!
A classic bridal shower game! Guests try to make new words using only the letters in the words "Bridal Shower". But why make it easy?!? Instead of the words "Bridal Shower", personalize this game with "Congratulations Bride and Groom!" - or just about anything you want! Guests really have to think when you play with this new twist!

Bachelorette Well, I Never!

Now's your chance to get the dirt from the bridesmaids - and find out who's buying the Bride-to-be's next drink! Each girl gets a chance to finish the sentence "Well, I Never____". Anyone who HAS done that, takes a sip of her drink...first girl to finish buys the Bride-to-be's next drink!

Who Knows The Bachelorette?

A more intimate version of Who Knows the Bride. The only way to win is if you know the most dirt, the most embarrassing moments, and the most personality quirks of the Bride-to-be. But there's a twist! The last question YOU get to ask the Bride-to-be, and she has to either answer truthfully…or take drink! Answer key included.

Bachlorette Bingo

Customize Bachelorette Bingo with the Bride-to-be's name or your own message!
This is your classic Bingo game pre-filled with "Naughty" items to get the Party started off with a bang. With our Game Card Generator, you get a different Bachelorette Bingo Card for each player- even if you have 200 players! Call Card included.

Bridal Shower Anagrams

By popular request we now have Anagrams! This challenging game will have all your guests using their 'brain-power' to come up an anagram to these bridal items. For example: 'ceremony' can become 'cry me one'. Everyone will be laughing as the guest's answers are read! There are no right answers, but answer suggestions are included.

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