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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Ghirardelli Bridal Favors

Complement your event with Ghirardelli Chocolate!

2x2 Favor Boxes
The Perfect favor for any occasion. An adorable box filled with four of your favorite Squares chocolates. Custom ribbon imprinting is available to make your occasion even more memorable.

Origami Favors

These unique favor boxes are perfect for your wedding or party and includes four of your favorite Squares chocolates.

Organza Boxes
Make your wedding, party, anniversary, or shower memorable with Ghirardelli Satin & Organza Boxes. View more colors

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

New Bride Name Change Kit

New Bride Name Change Kit

“Your Official New Bride Name Change Kit was such a time-saver, all the information and forms in one place, no need to download, learn a software, or print, just open the box and I had everything I needed. And it was customized to my State and local jurisdiction! Thank You! I recommend your product to anyone changing their name after marriage.”
- Amanda S, NY

From Miss... to Mrs. without the hassle!
What is the New Bride Name Change Kit?

The Official New Bride Name Change Kit is a complete name change kit containing Instructions, Checklist, All Government Forms for you to complete, ancillary record change forms, labels for your envelopes and it is customized to the Bride State and local jurisdiction! – Everything you need, just open the pretty pink box and get ready to go from Miss. To Mrs., without the hassle!

Change your name with:

* Social security
* Driver License
* Vehicle Title

* Passport
* Voters Registration
* Insurance

* Banking
* Professional Affiliations
* Property Records

Inside this name change kit you will find:

* All Government Forms
* Instructions
* Checklist
* Ancillary Record Change Forms
* Labels for envelopes
* Customization to your State and Local Jurisdiction

I work 10 hours a day, I don’t have time to figure this whole name change process out on my own, I ordered your kit and got it done! On my lunch break! Thanks... great kit.
- Pamela K, NY

After getting married, we needed to focus on our family planning, KitBiz has great do-it-yourself planning kits that helped my wife and I get organized and protect our future.
- Eric T, CA

KitBiz offers quality, easy to use planning products. Helping me to organize and complete important personal record updates, protecting my personal and private interests and information.
- Lorri R, PA

The Official New Bride Name Change Kit is a time and energy saver!

The Official New Bride Name Change Kit saves time and energy! Organizes and provides you with everything you need to make a complete and comprehensive name change.
Click here to find out more and order

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Newlywed Name Change Kit for Bride & Groom | Divorce Name Change Kit | Legal Name Change Kit

Monday, April 28, 2008

Onyx Nite brocade empire gown

Onyx Nite brocade empire gownicon
Romantic V-neck gown in traditional brocade fabric with a flattering A-line silhouette.
Satin trims the empire waistline with subtle shirring. Elegant back bow.
8" long. Sizes 14-32.
Get it at FashionBug websiteicon

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Coloriffics bridal handbags

These gourgeous wedding purses are all under $40.00!

Coloriffics HB242 (Women's) - White Satin
Coloriffics HB242 (Women's) - White Satin
Attractive and sophisticated clutch purse works great with your outfit on the special and dress occasions. It features a classic snap closure and comes with a removable silver shoulder chain. Adorned with attractive rhinestones. The white satin is dyeable.

Coloriffics HB274 (Women's) - White Satin
Coloriffics HB274 (Women's) - White Satin
This beautiful purse has a unique design with pleated satin and a classic snap closure. It has a silver carrying chain. This style is not recommended for dyeing. Available Colors: Ivory Satin, White Satin.

Coloriffics HB968 (Women's) - White Boca Crepe
Coloriffics HB968 (Women's) - White Boca Crepe
Dyeable white boca crepe handbag with satin bow and rhinestone ornament. Classic dress-up style for a sophisticated, glamorous look.

Coloriffics HB811 (Women's) - White Satin
Coloriffics HB811 (Women's) - White Satin
White satin handbag with rhinestones and a silver rope shoulder strap. Remove the shoulder strap to use as a clutch.

Coloriffics HB850 (Women's) - White Satin
Coloriffics HB850 (Women's) - White Satin
White satin rhinestone buckle handbag.

Coloriffics HB121 (Women's) - White Satin
Coloriffics HB121 (Women's) - White Satin
Dyeable white satin handbag with gold chain.

Coloriffics HB983 (Women's) - White Satin
Coloriffics HB983 (Women's) - White Satin
Dyeable white satin handbag with embroidery and rhinestones. A simple classic great for special occasions.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Martha Stewart's Wedding Cakes

Martha Stewart's Wedding Cakes

List Price: $60.00
Get it at: $37.80 + FREE Shipping at Amazon

Martha takes the (wedding) cake

Can an oversized book starring over-the-top, multi-tiered, massive wedding cakes daunt the mighty Martha Stewart?

OK, we know the answer to that.

If anything, the cakes have met their match. "Martha Stewart's Wedding Cakes", is a serious confection, filled with good advice, several recipes and able assistance from Stewart's co-writer, wedding cake expert Wendy Kromer.

The book's price is a hefty sum, though in American Brideland -- a fantasy world where cost (seemingly) is no object -- this is a bargain compared with, say, the $8,000 dress or the $2,500 invitations.

We also wouldn't advise a bride, however skilled, to make her own wedding cake, or expect a friend to -- at least not one from this book.

That said, what a marvelous resource this is. Even if you aren't going to make the seven-tier "Devil's Food Finale Cake" to serve 380, you'll learn the ropes before you visit pastry shops.

You'll also glean terrific ideas just by looking at the stunning, informative photos. We never thought of buying a vintage cake topper -- and what a great suggestion that is.

What's more, these ideas will inspire the cakes you make for smaller celebratory occasions year-round. Charts and techniques for frosting, piping and decorating are thorough and well-written.

We made the white butter cake and fudge frosting from the book; the cake's crumb was slightly dry but quite sturdy -- ideal for the rigors of layering. The frosting was easy and tasted divine.

After the wedding, this book will continue to earn its keep -- something that can't necessarily be said for that $8,000 dress.

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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Nina Dyeables bridal handbags

These fantastic dyeable wedding purses and handbags are all under $69.99!

Nina Dyeable Patti (Women's) - White Satin
Nina Dyeable Patti (Women's) - White Satin
With three rows of rhinestones, the Nina Dyeables Patti gets three times the attention. This dainty handbag can be carried as a clutch or slung over your shoulder with one of two stylish straps. Personalize yours with a brilliant dye, or keep it classy in pure white satin. Magnetic snap closure on front flap, one interior pocket, slip back wall pocket, and logo printed nylon lining. It features two drop in straps: one black satin cord and one silver metal chain.

Nina Dyeable Ireland (Women's) - White Satin
Nina Dyeable Ireland (Women's) - White Satin
It's your lucky day; the Nina Dyeables Ireland is here. This elegant handbag uses a dyeable satin and your choice of slim, sexy straps to provide a wholly customizable look. What's more, rows of rhinestones dotting a looped overlay add a bit of glittery glam perfect for any evening. It features a magnetic flap closure on the front flap. One interior pocket, back wall slip pocket, logo printed nylon lining. Two drop in straps: black satin cord and silver metal chain.

Nina Dyeable Esta Handbag (Women's) - White Satin/Silver Chain
Nina Dyeable Esta Handbag (Women's) - White Satin/Silver Chain
Experience fashion satisfaction in the Nina Dyeables Esta. Rhinestones echo the curved details of the angled front for an edgy yet elegant appearance. Once it's personalized by your choice of colors, this glamorous handbag will be complete.

Nina Dyeable Alaura Handbag (Women's) - White Satin/Silver Chain
Nina Dyeable Alaura Handbag (Women's) - White Satin/Silver Chain
Take elegance to the extreme with the Nina Dyeables Alaura handbag. Lustrous dyeable satin is adorned with crystals and embroidery for an elegant evening look. Two inside compartments hold all the essentials, and a handy mirror is just the right size for last-minute touch-ups.

Nina Dyeable Flo Handbag (Women's) - White Satin/Silver Chain
Nina Dyeable Flo Handbag (Women's) - White Satin/Silver Chain
Polish off any look with the Nina Dyeables Flo. Its knotted front flap is modern and trendy. Glittering jewels add an elegant finish, and the dyeable satin finish lets you customize this adorable handbag to fit your personal style.

Nina Dyeable Baton Handbag (Women's) - White Satin/Silver Chain
Nina Dyeable Baton Handbag (Women's) - White Satin/Silver Chain
Add the Nina Dyeables Baton to your fashion arsenal. This disarming handbag is ready for anything with its sparkling jewels and elegant embroidery. Add your personal touch of color and get ready to take on the world.

Nina Dyeable Ettora Handbag (Women's) - White Satin/Silver Chain
Nina Dyeable Ettora Handbag (Women's) - White Satin/Silver Chain
Tres chic. With its elegant lines, the Nina Dyeables Ettora makes a fashionable statement in any language. The classic structure suits any formal occasion, and its unique twisted satin overlay gets even more original with your personal touch of color.

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