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Friday, April 4, 2008

2008 Wedding Trends

According to The Knot, 2008 promises to be the year of “bigger,” apparently in everything from deluxe place settings to gowns.

Trend 1: "Grey is the new Black" or rather the new chocolate brown, in wedding.
Looks like chocolate brown is getting the boot in favor of steel gray as the accent color du jour.
Gray is now being teamed up with butter yellow, aqua, eggplant or pale pink.

Trend 2: White makes a comeback in innovative ways, like glass vases burgeoning with amazing arrangements of white orchids and baby’s breath and all-white wedding cakes with just small touches of accent colors.
Fortunately for brides who get on the “white” bandwagon, there are plenty of white wedding accessories out there.

Trend 3: Sample stations at the reception. You can feed and educate your guests at the same time. Set up a chocolate sample station or a wine-and-cheese station with a plethora of different choices of both. The attendant can explain to guests what they’re eating and drinking, where it came from and what cheeses go best with what wines. Even your wedding favors can reflect the excitement of sample stations, like a merry-making Merlot Wine Glass Gel Candle.

Trend 4: A blast from the past! Brides are looking to vintage styles for gowns, rings and decor in a return to the romance of yesteryear. Think Victorian-style wedding gowns with beads and delicate fabrics like chiffon, tulle and lace on the sleeves. Victorian Style vintage wedding decor and wedding favors are easier to find than you might think.

Trend 7: Bridal blogging. Get yourself a wedding Web site and keep your family and friends involved in and informed about your wedding journey. Have them vote on your choices for gown, rings, cake, whatever.

Other hot trends include “green” weddings, which are designed to do the environment a favor in everything from choice of venue, to catering to recycled gowns and rings. In fact, the number of wedding options and accessories being created for environment-conscious couples is expanding every year. You can find everything from Personalized Cards
to Butterfly Baskets
that contain wildflower seeds ready for your guests to plant when they get home.

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