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Friday, April 18, 2008

Blumebox Centerpieces

Blumebox offers you the opportunity to personalize any floral bouquet, whether it is for your wedding, a shower, a corporate event, an arrangement from your garden or a bouquet from your local supermarket. With a large range of colors, styles and accessories, blumebox is the perfect solution for your next floral arrangement.

A blumebox is more than a vase or delivery box. It’s a gift box for flowers. And the best bit, they’re 100% recyclable so they’re perfect for hospital deliveries, hostess gifts, corporate and social events (big or small) or a self-indulgent arrangement for yourself. Standing 6 and 10 inches tall with radiant color and style, a blumebox is the perfect compliment to any decor.

Packaged flat to reduce storage space, a blumebox pops into shape in just seconds (see below). Simply slip the durable water tight bag inside the blumebox, fill up with water and away you go! (Please note: the bag does not take well to thorns; be sure to remove them before filling.) When customizing your blumebox the sky is the limit. Ribbon, decals and tissue paper are just a few items that make for great decorating ideas!

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1. Push opposite corners together until bottom locks into place.
2. Expand bag into blumebox & fold over outside of blumebox. Fill 1/2 with water ensuring that water goes directly into bag.
3. Arrange cut blooms in your blumebox (minus those nasty thorns). Carefully tuck bag inside to hide from view and...Voila!

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