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Monday, October 27, 2008

Create a FREE customized online wedding album

The Wedding Lens - Free Online Wedding Photo Albums is the easiest way for the bride and groom to collect all the high-resolution digital photos from their wedding guests.

The bride and groom get a private, password-protected album that lets them:

  • Send email invitations to their wedding guests with a personal access code - no signup or registration required for the guests to upload!
  • Download all the high-resolution photos - either individually or in bulk.
  • Have complete control over the content of their album - delete, move, rotate, sort, relabel any of the uploaded photos.
  • Relive the special day be interacting with photo comments with your guests.
  • View the photos 1 by 1 or with our beautiful flash slideshow.
  • Get an email update with all the activity in your album.
  • Have email reminders automatically sent to your wedding guests before and after the wedding, reminding them to bring their cameras and to upload photos.

Wedding guests and attendees can:

  • Access weddings either via an email invitation link or special access code - no registration required!
  • Download all the high-resolution photos - either individually or in bulk.
  • Interact with the couple and the other guests via photo commments.
  • View all weddings they've attended by registering on The Wedding Lens and telling their engaged friends to use The Wedding Lens.
  • Get email updates about new photo uploads and comments.

Forget about disposable cameras - digital photos are better quality, easier, and more environmentally friendly. Create your free album today!

How It All Started

The Wedding Lens started in 2007 when one of the founders was getting married and couldn't find an effective way for guests to share photos without ending up with photo album links from lots of different photos sites (Facebook, flickr, snapfish, picasa, etc.).

He and his bride wanted guests to be able to share photos, but they could find only photo-sharing sites that allowed each guest to upload pictures to a different account and then send the links to the albums back and forth - resulting in a disjoint experience. It was also hard for the bride and groom to upload high-resolution copies of the photos that guests had taken.

The answer was a solution that one of the other founders whipped together immediately after the wedding. The solution proved to be a useful way for the guests to upload and download each other photos and was especially useful for the bride and groom. After some discussion with other newlyweds who wished they had the solution and the wedding guests, the early prototype became the foundation for The Wedding Lens you see today.


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