Wedding Shoes

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Six Rules for Wedding Shopping

Rule #1: Finding Your Style
When choosing a style of wedding dress, start with the type of place you're having your wedding. Let the style of the dress reflect the venue for an appropriate look on the big day.

Rule #2: Accessories
If you are wearing a dress to the floor with lots of volume, go with larger accessories to keep things in proportion.

Rule #3: Jewelry
When choosing a necklace for your wedding dress make sure the necklace works with the neckline. For example, if you're wedding dress has a deep V choose a necklace that has a drop and fills the space. Proportion in jewelry is very important.

Rule #4: Shoes
If a wedding dress is not stark white, a softer metallic shoe compliments the dress more.

Rule #5: Beach Weddings
If you're having a beach wedding keep the accessories light and fresh.

Rule #6: Look at the Details
A lace appliqué or two different fabrics in a dress create a more visual interest in the dress.

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