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Monday, November 10, 2008

Wedding Cakes - Texture Taste And Terror

by Daisy May

A guarantee to put a smile on the face of all your guests attending the wedding is when they are handed a slice of wedding cake also a few pounds in weight if not careful. Wedding cakes will always hold second place to the bride in looking glamorous on this occasion. But as beautiful as the bride may be it is the cake we will be sinking our teeth into.

Wedding cakes are a major issue when piecing together your wedding plans. Cake type and flavours will be of your own choosing. Grand or simple from one tier two tier 3 4 5 if you want. This is your wedding cake so you get to decide. One very important thing you have to remember more tiers can lead to more tears if your budget is tight and you can not afford the cake you had your heart set on. Well let me let you in on a little secret which is, simple is just as tasty and pretty as eye candy. There is no difference in the cake that stands tall. This is about taste, so the simple round mound and the replica of the empire state building will both taste exactly the same. There is just one thing dont expect second helpings of the simple choice.

The wedding cake is finely detailed by the confectioner just like a creator at work on a piece of canvas. The works that goes behind the making of a wedding cake is not as simple as it may look especially when it comes to decorating and adding decorations. Heaven forbid should you try to pipe cream a wedding cake with the shakes.

Time is such an essential factor when ordering your wedding cake. It would be wise to talk with the bakery doing the catering to find out the best time to place the order. Your cake baker will know precisely how long it will take to make after you have given him/her the details on what design style flavour and ingredients. Be sure to ask how much it will cost because every little added extra to your wedding cake comes with a price.

If you are planning to wed in a flower garden or on the hot sun kissed beaches of Benidorm then let the confectioner know. If the baker has all this information under his hat he will attend to the needs of the wedding cake in a professional and sensible manner where he/she will deliver and place the cake in a suitable place. In other words they will protect it from the climate or weather conditions on the day.

There are some really fabulous books out there to help you with ideas on how to decorate your own cake; this is a great option if money is tight. All you need to do is order a plain wedding cake and take it from there. If you are terrified of botching it up dont fret, nip along to the baker and he will finish the job.
Try it you really have nothing to lose but a little time. So what are you waiting for go save the pennies to put towards that going away outfit.

Learn from these books

Martha Stewart's Wedding Cakes

Of all the decisions that go into planning a wedding, choosing the cake may be the sweetest. Much more than dessert, this beloved wedding symbol should be as special as the bride and groom themselves. Whether you imagine a majestic cake blooming with fresh flowers, a pristine fondant-covered masterpiece, or a homespun take on strawberry shortcake- or even if you don’t know where to begin- Martha Stewart’s Wedding Cakes will provide you with more than 100 delicious and inspiring ideas for timeless and beautiful confections that are perfect for every style of wedding.
Not just visually inspiring, these pages are filled with information you won’t find anywhere else. Martha Stewart and Wendy Kromer, the master baker and decorator who has been creating cakes for Martha Stewart Weddings for more than a decade, guide you through everything you need to consider when selecting a cake- and even how to bake and decorate one yourself. Novice and experienced bakers alike will find recipes and insiders’ techniques to create truly memorable wedding cakes.

Wedding Cakes You Can Make: Designing, Baking, and Decorating the Perfect Wedding Cake

Make the cake?
Yes, you can.
If you love to bake and are willing to plan ahead, you can make a spectacular wedding cake--and you don't have to be a pastry chef to do it! Let prominent wedding cake expert Dede Wilson guide you through every layer of the process--from choosing among flavors and styles to baking, assembling, and decorating your way to a beautiful and delicious cake. This accessible cookbook not only gets you ready for the big event, it helps you lend a truly personal touch to the celebration.
"If you want to make your own wedding cake, Dede Wilson is the perfect guide. She helps you bake with confidence every step of the way to a delicious personalized result."
--Donna Ferrari, BRIDE'S magazine

The Perfect Wedding Cake
The Perfect Wedding Cake is an inspirational guide for the bride and groom on how to choose a wedding cake that reflects the style of their wedding. It covers everything they need to know, including how to select a cake design and baker, when to cut and serve the cake, and how to choose delicious flavor combinations and a cake to complement the season. For those who want to bake their cake at home, the book includes basic but delicious cake and frosting recipes created by a leading pastry chef that can be executed in a home kitchen.
Thirty-five full-color photographs of gorgeous wedding cakes showcase a wide variety of inspirational styles and types-from traditional tiered cakes to contemporary alternatives such as jewel-like single-serving cakes-created by some of the most respected chefs working today, including Sylvia Weinstock, FranÁois Payard, Gail Watson, and Ron Ben-Israel. An extensive resource guide of the top wedding cake bakers in the United States completes the book.

The Wedding Cake Decorator's Bible
Ideal for beginning and experienced cakemakers, The Wedding Cake Decorator's Bible is packed with design ideas, methods and techniques for making and decorating unforgettable wedding cakes. Full step-by-step photographs and descriptions make this book an invaluable resource for a variety of wedding cake designs.

Wedding Cakes: Exciting Designs with Full Step-By-Step Instructions
14 elegant confections, from a traditional three-tiered stunner topped with a happy bride and groom to a whimsical pair of his-and-hers top hat and picture hat cakes. Complete instructions are given for more than 20 different decorating techniques, including making lace, embroidery, extension work, ribbon insertion, and creating a whole garden full of flowers. 80 pages (all in color), 8 1/2 x 11.

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