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Monday, May 12, 2008

Instant Wedding Speech Templates

Instant Wedding Speech Templates

Are You About to be Put in the Spotlight?
Jump-Start Your Best Man Speech!
Fill-In-The-Blank Speeches & Toasts

You're decked out in fancy dresses and tuxes…the audience's expectations are high…now you have to deliver the delight factor. It's about a rocksolid Best Man speech, it's about eye tracking, it's about sounding and speaking as good as you look.

Your performance is everything. If you want to make an impact, to get that signature standing ovation, you've got to get it right, and you can't afford to miss a single detail!

Some Wedding Speeches Generate a Phenomenal Response...Now YOURS Can Too!

Dare to look great from the opening sentence to the closing kicker!

* Get guests engaged by your speech so they listen to it entirely
* Have the confidence of a well-written speech standing behind you
* Get even the wait staff that evening to applaud you
* Look like you've done this a million times before

Best Man - Speeches & Examples Customized To Your Exclusive Role!

For a onetime purchase you get in-depth online help with Instant Wedding Speech Templates fill-in-the-blank speeches, examples and everything you need for an immensely personal wedding speech.

You'll also get an express in-depth speech critique complete with rewrites and suggestions, plus tutorials teaching you how to speak correctly and calm nerves so your standout speech is sure to be well written AND well delivered.

Can You Imagine The Look And Feel of Success?

Tears in the eyes of the Mother of the Bride, chuckling at your humorous puns from the audience, a standing ovation, a happy bride requesting a copy of the speech for her wedding book, a heartfelt handshake from the Groom's father, a congratulations and 'job well done' from people you don't even know whom couldn't say enough about your speech!

This is success. This is what your wedding speech is all about.

"Laughter And Tears, All Followed By A Thunderous Applause!"
"The Toast went extremely well.. I got the responses from the crowd that I was looking for... Laughter and tears, all followed by a thunderous applause."
— Curtis, Best Man, Massachusetts

"Everyone Complemented How Well I Did!"
"I just wanted to let you know that my speech went very well on Sunday! My mom was crying and the bride was crying and my aunt was crying. After I spoke, everyone was complementing me on how well I did and asking me how I wrote such a good speech. When my brother first asked me to be his best man, I had no idea where to even start on my speech. Your ebook was extraordinarily helpful and I couldn't have written such a great speech without it. I just wanted to say thank you."
— Jason, Best Man, New York

Perfomance AND Convenience
Find out how to quickly and easily:

* Inject personality
* Build momentum, keep audience engaged, move towards that successful conclusion
* Make an emotional connection with the audience so they will be engaged throughout your entire speech

And you don't have to write a wedding speech from scratch!

In fact, there is no public speaking knowledge required! You can stop starring at that blank piece of paper now; simply log on, and let professional speechwriters take over.

These speeches have been expertly written with gracious introductions, emotional segments, and engaging character. All you need to do is inject your personality by filling in a few blanks with your favorite memories of the bride and groom...and even this part has examples!

It couldn't get any easier unless someone else stood up and gave the speech!

A Password Gets You Started Instantly!
Choose your password at the time of order, and the next screen you see will be Best Man speeches, templates, examples, and everything included below:

Wedding Toasts and Speech Templates
Instant Wedding Speech Templates

Create your speech easily and fast with online fill-in-the-blank templates and full speech examples. Click. Fill-in-the-blank. Print.

Every template, crafted by a speechwriter, works the wording, organization and design to spotlight your speech.

Writing & Presenting a Wedding Speech... A Survivor's Guide
Wedding Toasts and Speech Templates If you'd rather write your speech by yourself and straight from the heart, you'll also get this ebook, which is complete with everything you need to know about writing your own speech!

This brand-new eBook combined with the Instant Speech Templates will put you over the top and skyrocket your confidence.

Learn how to write your own INCREDIBLE Wedding Speech with less than an hour's work –- let us show you how it's very possible, in fact, quite straightforward to turn out your own Wedding Speech that will floor your guests using the methods we'll teach you in this eBook.

A Guide to Getting Started

Never again be stuck on how to start a wedding speech. This guide will walk you through what you are expected to say, and how to find those memories you want to share.

Over 200 Toasts, Quotes & Jokes

Give your speech a touch of sincerity, loyalty, humor and class. Command their attention, then captivate their hearts. Besides...what else would the Bride and Groom expect from Yours Truely than a little bit of your personality added to their Wedding Day? (You'll pay $20 elsewhere - and you won't even get half of these! )

Toasting Tips

These tips tell you what to say, how to say it, and what common mistakes to avoid. You will discover where to start, how long to speak, and what never to say. Don't give a toast or speech without reading these tips!

Toolbox of Great Wedding Speech Openers and Closers

Here’s the part where most speeches totally wimp out -- it’s not enough to just say "Hello" and "Congratulations" because this is the point where you make or break the speech. In this section you’re handed 50 of the most memorable examples of how to open and close your speech for maximum effect.

Rehearsal Secrets

Learn how to make your practice count. By using just a few of these secrets you'll find out how to calm your nerves and be cool and collected when its time to deliver.

10 Steps To Reduce Stage Fright and Speech Anxiety

Are your knees still knocking at the thought of speaking in public? Even though you have the perfect speech, you still have to stand up and speak! Find out how to get rid of the shaking knees, thumping heart, and sweaty palms -- reduce stage fright and speech anxiety when it counts most!

Speech Review

Leave nothing to question - get it reviewed and critiqued! Now that you've got your perfect speech written and ready with all the final touches, don't let doubt or uncertainty creep in the way of delivering your speech!

Get your speech read and reviewed to give you the kind of feedback you need to make sure it's perfect!

Best Man Wedding Speeches To Spotlight the Happy Couple
Humorous Speeches and Toasts from the Best Man
Best Man Speeches From a Married Friend
Speeches and Toasts You Can Personalize with Favorite Memories of the Groom
Best Man Speeches You Can Use For Any Situation
Best Man Toast From the Friend Who Introduced Them
A Brother's Speech to the Bride
Best Man Speeches For a Bride and Groom Who Already Have Children
Short and Sweet Toasts to the Bride and Groom
A Best Man Speech From a Family Member
Humorous Speeches With Your Favorite Memories of the Bride and Groom
Over 30 Fill-In-The-Blank Ready-To-Go Best Man Templates…
Over 40 Additional Example Speeches …

"The Wedding Planner Asked If I Had Been - To A Toastmasters Class!"
"I can't begin to tell you how much your website saved my life.I had 8½ months to come up with a toast/speech. I figured I had plenty of time. Day went by, months came and went. Next thing I know, it's the beginning of August, and I do not have anything on paper...Until I found your website...

"When the time came to give the speech, I was ready. A little nervous, and I have to admit, I got a little choked up reading it myself! Afterwards, I received a huge round of applause. Everyone was impressed. The wedding planner and several others asked me if I had been to a toastmasters class! I just told them I did a lot of work on it, and it took a lot of research. I couldn't have done it with out your help! Thanks!!!"

— Justin, Best Man, Georgia

What Makes Us Different approaches wedding speeches and toasts with a perfectionist outlook and professional skills. While other websites claim to give you prewritten speeches, what they don't tell you is where they came from.

Our wedding speeches have been written by professional speechwriters for specific wedding roles; and then purposely designed to be fill-in-the-blank for anyone with - or without - previous speechwriting experience.

We admit it. We know wedding speeches online are a dime a dozen. But we think you'll enjoy our comprehensive well-rounded approach to wedding speeches. Our fill-in-the-blank templates are easy, the examples are overwhelmingly plentiful, and our in-depth speech critique is going to push your speech right up to toastmasters level.

MoneyBack Guarantee

Writing a wedding speech isn't for everyone, and sometimes even the best fill-in-the-blank templates and speech examples don't work out. If this is the case, all you need to do is contact us and ask for your money back. We will refund your purchase. No questions asked.

"Instant Wedding Speech Templates Are Great!"
"The Instant Wedding Speech templates are great! They helped me tremendously in getting started writing the speech. I was quickly able to find content that could easily be edited for relevance and comfort of speaking. That saved valuable time so that I could prepare. Nervous as I was, the speech was a success. I received many compliments. Thanks Instant Wedding Toasts!"

— Sean, Best Man, Virginia

Fast. Easy. Guaranteed.
Instant Password Access & online download - there's no waiting for speeches to be mailed...
bullet 30 Easy-To-Use Best Man "fill-in-the-blank" speech templates..
bullet 40 Additional Best Man Speech Examples..
bullet Exclusive speechwriters and expertise...
bullet Absolutely no public speaking knowledge required...
bullet More than 200 toasts, quotes and jokes for every situation...
bullet No cost Speech Review. Submit your speech for a personal edit, review & touchup...
bullet And 100% satisfaction, money-back GUARANTEE

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