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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Bridal Hairstyle: The Beach Wave

Step 1
Blow-dry hair — using no product — then apply a calming serum (like Rusk Sheer Brilliance Smoothing and Shining Polishericon) and a couple of drops of finishing cream (like Aveda Control Pasteicon); distribute evenly with fingers, avoiding roots so you don’t weigh hair down.

Step 2
Use a medium-sized barrel curling iron set at medium heat: the easiest to use is Braun Smoothstyler Cordless Stylericon - cordless means you have the freedom to style anywhere, anytime! Take small sections (1.5 inches) of hair and wrap at a slant around the barrel; hold for a few seconds, release, and let cool. Work from the back of the head, starting at the nape and moving forward. Grab hair about an inch from the scalp so there’s a bit of slack (allowing you to twist around the barrel).

Step 3
Don’t use a lot of hairspray because, ultimately, the curl should relax a bit, as it would if you’d spent a day in the sun and surf. Finish with a pomade like Biolage by Matrix Curl Defining Cremeicon — smear a little from the middle of the hair shaft to separate curls and alleviate frizz and flyaways.

source: Real Simple

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