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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Product of the Day: Bridal Party Tees

Bridal Party Tees is an online retailer of customizable clothing based out of Columbus, Ohio, that specializes in personalized bridal party tees and apparel. Bridal Party Tees has over 15 years of experience in the custom apparel industry. They have grown theirr business year after year by taking care of the customers, and understanding their unique wants and needs. Only the finest quality garments meet their standards, and they are constantly reviewing new products for addition to their line. The goal is to provide you with an assortment of items to make your engagement and wedding even more memorable. Think of Bridal Party Tees for that perfect touch for the perfect occasion.

Bridal Party Tees customers can select any clothing item on the site from underwear, to yoga pants, to shirts. You can then, through the use on an interactive design tool, add text and clipart to your products in real-time. You also have the ability to save your designs in the “community gallery” for purchase at a later date or purchase by someone else.

For more info visit Bridal Party Tees

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