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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Beach Themed Wedding Favors

Themed weddings are becoming really, really popular because it makes your wedding really memorable for each and every single one of your guests. With a themed wedding, everyone will feel unified because your theme, color scheme, decorations, food, and favors will all be coordinated. You should try making your theme something that will show off your personality but also serve a functional purpose at your reception. There are a lot of different themes that you can choose from ranging from things like traditional, fantasy, princess, gothic, Victorian, Elizabethan, medieval to other things like seasonal, beach, or heritage themed weddings. There are just so many different options for you and each different option will show something about your personality and the way you look at your wedding reception and your new life with your spouse.

From the wide range of wedding themes, beach themes are becoming really popular because they show a kind of whimsical and playful nature about yourself that you really want to get across to everyone there so that they will all be comfortable and having a really great time. Plus, everyone always dreams of having the perfect, beautiful wedding on a beach somewhere. So, if you have always loved the beach and want to bring the spirit of the ocean to your party then a great way to do that is with your wedding favors. This is the best way to get your theme across to your guests because they will each take home a wedding favor with them and that will be a physical representation of your party and all of the memories they made there with the other people that you invited including your friends, family, and loved ones. Here are a couple of different wedding favors that you can find online and incorporate into your beach theme.

Chair Design Place Card Holder and Photo Frame:

This is designed in the shape of a beach chair and even has some sand and accessories around the chair like some pails, shovels, and flip flops. This is a great representation of a day out at the ocean just having fun and soaking up the sun. The great thing about these is that they serve a purpose as place card holders at your wedding and then when your guests take them home they can use them as picture frames. You can even make these really personal by adding in your own messages or putting in pictures for your guests to take home. Make sure you save a couple of these great items for yourself to display in your new home or apartment.

Flip Flop Floating Candles:

These are really colorful and will add a lot to your wedding d├ęcor. You can display these in a lot of different ways. They are especially meant to be floating candles that you can place into a bowl of water to make the light of the candle flame get caught and thrown around by the glass and the water in the bowl. You can add confetti or anything else that you think might spice these up a little bit.

Beach Theme Wine Charms

Add some good luck charm to your celebration with these beach themed wine charms. Perfect for certified water babies who are getting hitched surf side or for those who just want to bring in a slice of the great ocean into their wedding. These beach themed wine favors add subtle beach charm to your big day. Featuring a range of ocean inspired designs including dolphins, starfish and shells. One favor consists of 4 charms. Each favor comes in a distinctive box, finished with a white organza bow and an elegant heart shaped "Thank you" tag attached.

Beach Themed Coasters

For a beach themed wedding favor that's useful and pretty, choose these crystal and glass coaster beach favors. Each glass has two squares of sand and clear glass that feature beach inspired motifs that include a shell, flip flops, a swaying palm and a starfish. One favor consists of four coasters and comes packaged in a clear plastic box. Finished with a sand colored organza bow and a beachy "Thank You" tag attached to complete the sand and surf effect.

Beach Themed Spreader

You'll really "sea" what a difference great favors can make when you add these unique beach-themed spreader favors to your event tables. Each favor has an ivory resin handle decorated with realistic shell and starfish accents and glistening embellishments. This spreader is sure to be a useful addition to your guests' homes. These favors are packaged in a deluxe box tied with an organza ribbon with a beach theme "Thank You" tag attached.

Beach Themed Mini Box

Close your eyes and you are on a sandy beach feeling the waves crash against your bare feet. These beach-themed mini boxes are a unique wedding favor idea as they can be filled with different things. The sky (or should we say beach) is the limit, and can include mints, candies or even a heart-felt message from the bride and groom. Two inches in diameter, these round resin boxes with removable covers have an outside edge that resembles sand with miniature shells. Each box comes in a clear package tied with an ivory organza bow and a heart-shaped "Thank You" tag.

Beach Photo Album

Unique wedding favors for a beach-themed wedding celebration. Nothing captures memories or tells a story without words more aptly than a photo album, and now your guests can view the events of your special day over and over again. Each wedding album favor features a white, embossed, textured paper cover adorned with a sand and shell design.

Beach Design Bookmark

These delicate book mark favors make an indelible mark! A pair of miniature beach themed pendants - one a scalloped shell and the other a starfish - dangles from each end of an exquisite organza ribbon. Each beach themed bookmark favor comes packaged in its own deluxe black bottomed gift box, and complete with a white organza bow and a "Thank You" tag attached.

Beach Magnetic Picture Frame

Your guests will feel a magnetic attraction to these beach designed magnet photo frames/place card holders and not just because of the beachy perfect design. Each of these 3" x 3" resin photo frames is decorated to resemble an assortment of shells lying in a bed of soft sand. Perfect for holding a 2" x 2" picture, these photo frames come individually packed in a white mesh drawstring bag with satin ribbon and a shell design clasp.

Glass Flip Flop Candle

Dainty and delicate, these stained glass flip flop candles are the perfect accessory to your guests' tables at your beach wedding or bridal shower. Each fragile glass candle holder measures 3" tall and 3" wide and has a pair of flip flops with a flowery embellishment on each attached to the side. The pretty summery colors of blue, green, pink and yellow add whimsical charm to each table.

Beach Chair Candle Holder

Kick back and relax, that's what your guests will feel like doing when they set sights on these cheerfully painted Adirondack chair candle holders! The "Beach Memories" candle holder comprises of a single hand painted chair decorated with palms, sea and sun motifs and fitted with a clear glass votive. Each Adirondack chair candle holder is 5" tall and 4" wide.

Beach Themed Cookie Cutters

It will be like a day by the beach every time your guests make a batch of their favorite cookies with these ocean-design cookie cutters. These include a dolphin, starfish, seashell and palm tree shaped cookie cutter. Delightfully displayed with a beach-theme graphic poking through beneath the cookie cutters, each set comes in a clear plastic box tied with an ivory organza bow and heart-shaped "Thank You" tag attached. These favors really make the cut for any beach-themed event.

Shell Glass Candle Holder

Let the glow from the tea light candle penetrate through the little glass screens to illuminate and cast a spell on your special occasion. These Blue Fusion Glass Shell Design Candle Holders comprise a single clear glass holder containing a tea light candle and backed by a screen decorated with all shades of ocean blue in a shell design. Light the candle and watch as the glow radiates through the screen to lend its magic to your big day. Whether as the perfect accessory to a beach wedding or to bring in a beachy feel to an indoor wedding, these shell design candle holders add a luminous finishing touch to a memorable evening.

Palm Tree Place Card Holder

This pewter palm tree card holder is guaranteed to take pride of place at your wedding. Each elegant 3" tall place card holder comes firmly ensconced in a beautifully detailed pewter base that resembles the natural environment of the classic swaying palm, complete with sand and shells.

Shell Candle Holder

Whether you're having your big event by the sea or simply want to add some beach kitsch to your wedding, these shell design candle holders will fit the bill! Each 2" tall frosted glass votive candle holder stands on a bed of sand and shells made of resin which also holds a scallop shell. Each candle holder comes in a white box, wrapped in a white organza bow and a heart shaped "Thank You" tag attached.

Seashells Gel Candle

Pour the ocean into a cup! With these Blue Seashell Gel Candles, that's exactly what it'll feel like! These glass candles are filled with sea blue gel and contain real seashells and starfish creating a serene ocean like scene. Each gel candle is 3" tall and comes packed in its own clear box and wrapped in a white satin ribbon.

Flip Flop Candle Holder

Add a festive touch to your special occasion with these flip flop candle holder favors. These candle holders come elegantly packaged in a clear plastic box wrapped with an organza bow. Each 1" tall candle holder comes with a tea light candle and boasts of a sturdy resin base that's been designed to resemble the textures of the beach. Complete with sand and star fish adorned flip flops.

Beach Themed Photo Coasters

A picture perfect wedding deserves a picture perfect favor. Long after the wedding day is a memory, these beach themed photo coaster favors will help your guests relive the magic of your special day. Each favor consists of two 3 1/4" square coasters. They are decorated with blue and white starfish and shell motifs and are designed to hold a picture of the happy couple at the center. No matter where in the world your guests return to, you'll know they'll always have a memory of your special day.

Natural Shell Tea Lights

These natural shell tea lights are perfect for your beach themed event. Each white tea light is topped with an adorable starfish. These four unique tea lights come in clear box and is an ideal option whether your wedding is actually on the beach or you are just embracing a beach theme on your special day.

Shell Place Card Holder

Another beach chic design from our collection of beach themed favors, these resin place card holders have just the right amount of rough edged charm that makes for a great beach themed gift. A resin base is superbly crafted to resemble the coarse textures of the sea complete with starfish and shells, and a wire extension rises up to hold a place card. Nestling in the sand is a single beach treasure - a starfish and a choice of two shell designs. Place cards are included with these beach favors.

Scallop Shell Mini Box

These scallop shell shaped favors are full of surprises. The mini boxes are perfect for any beach-themed occasion, as they will have your guests feeling like they've been combing the sand for real. Ready to be filled with treats or surprises, these box favors will be a delightful addition to your reception tables. Each resin shell-shaped box opens to reveal whatever you choose to put inside - candies, mints or other items. Individually packaged in a clear plastic box tied with a white organza bow, each favor has a heart-shaped "Thank You" tag attached.

Beach Themed Place Card Frame

Bring your guests back to the beach each time they look at your "happy couple photo" festively displayed in these delightful frames in their homes. Both as a beach themed place card holder at your event and as a frame for a 2" x 3" photo, this favor really delivers! Each favor features a sand textured frame with natural coloring adorned with a dramatic molded scallop shell at its top. These favors individually packaged in a white gift box with place card included.

Beach Theme Cork Coasters

Capturing the quintessential beach scene - a blue and white striped beach umbrella shading a pair of beach chairs facing the azure blue - these beach themed coaster sets are beachy! One favor consists of four 3 1/2" square cork coasters. Individually wrapped in a clear box and finished with an organza ribbon and a surf n' sand themed tag attached.

Beach Theme Card Holde

A unique gift idea from our selection of beach themed favors, these quaint place card holders are simple enough to fit into any wedding theme and just perfect when they are placed in a surf and sand wedding setting. Each 4 1/2" x 1 3/4" silver metal base has a wire extension that rises up to from a sea inspired design - a starfish, a shell or a fish - that's crafted to hold a place card. Each favor includes its own place card and comes nested in its own poly bag.

Scallop Place Card Holder

A simple favor yet one that speaks volumes for your sense of style is this scallop shell place card holder. Each place card holder is crafted in the shape of a scallop shell and can hold a place card at your event. Your guests can use this favor to hold photos in their homes or memos at the office. Whatever they decide to do, you can rest assured they'll remember you every time they look at its strong, yet simple lines.

Flip Flop Refrigerator Magnet

These beach themed magnet favors will allow guests to remember your special day every time! Refrigerator magnets are great for holding photos, notes and personal keepsakes and these brightly colored flip flop designed magnets are sure to add some warm cheer to your refrigerator. Each flip flop magnet comes in a choice of 4 delicious colors - yellow, blue, orange, lavender and features a snazzy heart shaped sunglass design.

Beach Themed Mint Tin

With these beach themed mint tin favors on your event tables, the warmth and fun of the surf and sun is always within reach. Whether it's actually beach side or just packed with the fun of a beach theme, your event is sure to have added appeal with these adorable sea-worthy favors. Each 2" round white metal tin's cover is decorated with a surf and sun motif embellished with three realistic seashell designs. These favors are ready to be filled with small candies or other treats of your choosing.

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